“Staying Grounded” with Alexandre Tannous

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Sound meditation, livestreams and short video and 3D sound content Sonic Storytelling (virtual walks, journeys, experiences)

In this episode my guest Alexandre Tannous, sound practitioner, researcher and ethnomusicologist, shares with us ways to stay grounded and to explore the true nature behind the realities we create. We examine the opportunity that exists in suffering and in transitional moments, and illuminate how sound can be used as a tool to fine tune intuition and inner-knowing–gnosis. In this fascinating episode Alexandre illustrates the power of ethos carried in sound, explains technique behind overtone singing and shares the suggestions to our understanding the universe hidden in the familiar “primordial OM” (aka AUM) sound.
Total runtime: 90 minutes



ResonantMind Collective Community “Staying Grounded” with Alexandre Tannous

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