The Collective

Who We Are

“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.”

Alan Watts

The ResonantMind Collective was created in 2014 by ethnomusicologist, sound researcher and therapist, Alexandre Tannous.

Alexandre gathered a small group of friends and peers interested in sound, music, consciousness, meditation and art, with the intention of conducting studies that would utilize the group’s unique combination of talents and skills. United, they hoped to gain new perspective and insight about the nature of reality, and sound’s impact on consciousness.

Along with Alexandre, the founding members of the collective included:

  • Jesse Flower-Ambroch: Sound engineer, sound designer, sound meditation practitioner, musician
  • Terence Caulkins: Acoustics researcher, designer, interactive sound artist, zen student, yoga teacher
  • Andy Baldwin: Sound engineer, sound mixing specialist, musician
  • Josh Peck: Sound engineer, composer, musician, sound meditation practitioner
  • Shaun Nanavati: Neuroscientist, psychotherapist, avid student of Vedic texts, Buddhism and Hinduism

Aside for being good friends and colleagues, meditation was another important common denominator they shared. Though coming from various parts of the world and going through vastly different life experiences, all six original members arrived at the same understanding about the transformative potential a consistent practice of stillness holds. 

In the past two months and due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the ResonantMind Collective has grown and is currently comprised of approximately 39 members. Among us are sound therapists, psychotherapists, musicians, doctors, acupuncturists, movement and breathwork teachers, comedians, philosophers, and one ethnopharmacologist. 

We are here, honored and ready to serve. 

Jimmy Reed
Jackie Stewart
Greg Barris
Lena Elkousy
Crystal Lee
Matt Mullenweg
Pete Sax
Paul Kuhn
Dr. Erica Matluck
Mike Pollack
Josh Adler
John McCormick
Dr. Mark Gocke
Marnie Collins
Sarah Berner
Tanya Blum
Yiming Bao
Adrian Williamson
Annette Badenhorst

Janet Bentley – Communications Manager

Administrators, technicians/technologists, and all-around support (volunteers)
Abigail Fischer
Delaine Wendling
Katerina Boriskina
Aaron Richman
Josh Maurer
Nicki Adams

Why now?

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.”

Hermes Trismegistus

It is clear that our world is going through a major shift. What isn’t always clear is humanity’s role in this shift, our responsibility, and the implications it has on our individual internal worlds. Everything around us is changing, and thus everything inside us is changing as well. 

The ResonantMind Collective promotes self-inquiry as the main tool for individual and collective healing, through a gentle process of surrendering, allowing, trusting and accepting. Our mission is to offer a positive outlook on the current climate, and to invite all to view this time as an opportunity for a spurt of real growth. 

How can we each synthesize the information we receive in a way that is constructive to ourselves and to others? 

What can we learn about the nature of the self and the nature reality by remaining fully present?

What is our vision for the future?

Our Ethos

“Prayer is listening.”

Soren Kierkegaard

We value rigor and authenticity in our work, and make sure to continuously cultivate our beginners’ minds, as we remain curious, adaptable, and in a constant state of evolution.

We believe community is harmony and are motivated to promote this notion. We see that when humankind fails to stay united, we fall into reptilian brain behavior, which results in losing the capacity for discernment and reason. When we become blinded by emotions, our addiction to negativity, such as attachment or fear, grows exponentially. This isn’t a judgment, but an observation made from personal struggles and experiences. We stem from the belief that with repetition of various techniques, practices, and a regular consumption of grounded positivity, we’ll be able to move forward, together. 

Our Offering

“Where Attention goes Energy flows; Where Intention goes Energy flows!”

James Redfield

The ResonantMind Collective shares conscious content of varied natures to support a state of equanimity, a balanced mind, regulated emotions, and a healthy approach to living. In short, our intent is to assist the community in preserving resonance within. 

We engage by presenting material that promotes positive shifts in thought, nourishing the body, breath and mindful practices, deep listening experiences, music, humor, musings and more. We are committed to produce and share quality content that addresses the way we are impacted on emotional, energetic, physical, spiritual, and mental levels, and to make a consistent effort to promote our shared alchemical transformation.

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