Chikako Mizokami
Hatha Raja Yoga, Prana Nidra
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Having trained as a psychotherapist, Chikako is a practitioner and a teacher of Hatha Raja yoga based in New York City. Her current work, Prana Nidra, is informed deeply by her yoga sadhana (practice) with living yoga legend and master Sri Dharma Mittra, self-inquiries and years of apprenticeship with one of the few remaining indigenous spiritual elders in Peru. Her journey deep into ancient indigenous wisdom and healing arts also gave birth to SAMI, a skincare system comprised of alchemical elixirs that encapsulate the incredible life force of the Amazonian rainforest and honors the heritage of indigenous medicinal plant intelligence. She guides her Prana Nidra practice to meet the individual psycho-spiritual needs of her private clients at her Chelsea studio, and gives workshops to corporate clients such as JP Morgan and Change Group Americas as well as to non-profit organizations on a regular basis.

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