Seema Pandya
Professor & Consultant, Green Building Design Organizer, Visual Artist
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Seema Lisa Pandya is a Brooklyn based accomplished sustainability consultant, visual artist, educator, and community builder. As a multidisciplinary artist, she carries a nature-based aesthetic that can be found in much of her work echoing organic forms and biological fractal divisions. Having spent over a decade as a sustainability consultant in the green architectural field, her artwork is influenced by both architecture and the way nature deals with boundaries. This inquiry has inspired her to create various series of work ranging from interactive kinetic sculptures to slatted light void sculptures, to amoeba-shaped fractal paintings, to a series of biologically inspired forms made from used drum heads. Sustainable sensitivity influences Seema's process. With 10+ years of experience in the environmental building and design industry and a college professor of green design, she has an exclusive perspective into sustainability-oriented integrated creative solutions. As a community builder, she has played a pivotal role in organization of several creative collectives, including Revoluciones Collective Art Space and the Brooklyn Raga Massive.

From Seema Pandya

Harmonic Infinity Loops/ Tabla Geodesica by Seema Pandya & Neel Murgai

Seema Pandya and Neel Murgai are part of ResonantMind Collective and they bring their meditative visuals and overtone signing to create this mesmerizing art piece. Sculpture, photography, video animation and production – by Seema Lisa Pandya Music by the Unstruck Sound Overtone singing – Neel Murgai Slide guitar – David Ellenbogen Learn more on