David Shemesh
Sound Meditation
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Upon completing his military service in one of the IDF’s top elite units, David moved to NYC, where he quickly became immersed in an exploration of altered states of consciousness. His quest for a deeper understanding of the true nature of reality led him to both study and experiment with various practices that allowed him to have firsthand experiences of non-dual states.

Through synthesizing his knowledge and gained personal insight, David collected, adapted, and integrated an array of modalities, which combined, invite his clients and students to approach self-inquiry, meditation, and trauma-release in a safe and supportive setting. According to this paradigm, David also co-founded WOOM CENTER, New York's first multi-sensory yoga and meditation studio, based primarily on the therapeutic and psychedelic properties of sound vibration.

Today, David travels the world, guiding groups and individuals through transformative experiences.

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