Emily Horowitz
Clinical Psychologist
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Emily Horowitz PsyD is a clinical psychologist employed at the New York Veterans Affairs Medical Center, as well as in her private psychotherapy and sound therapy practices. She is also a co-investigator/study therapist for the MAPS Phase III Clinical Trial of MDMA-supported psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD. She specializes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse disorders, and the integration of psychedelic and other non-ordinary-states of consciousness experiences. Emily is dedicated to supporting others to explore and mine the depths of their innermost being for healing and psychospiritual growth and transformation.

She has been exploring the power of sound, especially the gong and other harmonic overtone-emitting instruments, since her first transformational gong bath experience in 2008. Emily also has a long-standing interest in shamanism, indigenous cultures, ancient wisdom and healing modalities. She has been blessed to work with many wise medicine people/elders, and travel to and hold ceremony at sacred power places across the world including Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, Bali, Mexico, South Africa, Israel, and America.

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