Himalayan Singing Bowls

Ethnomusicologist, sound researcher and sound therapist

This a recording of my primary Himalayan singing bowl set which consists of 12 bowls that took me many years to acquire, and they are almost entirely antique (dating back to the 15th c.) aside from a couple of contemporary ones. Made of a high quality bronze (an alloy of copper and tin) they are of various diameters and include various frequencies all within a specific margin that would make all of them harmonious with each other. These frequencies are called harmonics (from the harmonic series) which exhibit one of the most important mathematical constants in the universe and it consists of a series of infinite mathematical ratios. This is the place where the concept of harmony comes from. It is pure harmony! Listen judiciously, attentionally, and intentionally to the interweaving of the harmonics and observe the stillness, equanimity, poise and the presence of mind they evoke within you, and the meditative, contemplative, and mindful state that the overall sound leads you to experience. Avoid pursuing important or superfluous, tangent and random thoughts, and when/if your mind wanders please bringing back to deep listening. As you listen, focus on the sensory experience and not on your thoughts about the sensory experience. Eventually, you may end up reaching a point of deep presence and oneness with the sound. For best results, please use over-the-ear headphones, and sit upright with eyes closed in a very quiet room.



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