Techniques to Keep your Awareness on Sound

Ethnomusicologist, sound researcher and sound therapist

  • Judiciously listen to the overtones
  • Become aware of the space between the overtones
  • Explore the different register of these overtones
  • Observe the varying modulation (wobble or beats) speed of the different overtones
  • Listen to the sustain of the overtones and observe their decay at various points
  • Listen to how the modulation of certain overtones is affected by the wave interference of other overtones
  • Notice their varying dynamics
  • Visualize opening yourself to the sound and merge with it
  • Contemplate the shifting energy of the overall sound and of the overtones
  • Allow yourself to be completely engrossed in the sound to an extent where anything outside of that which you’re observing would cease to exist. This is where you become the event and there’s no more an awareness of the observer
  • Going deep into the sound until you reach time-stopping ecstasy




ResonantMind Collective Community Techniques to Keep your Awareness on Sound

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